LOGacta was first launched back in the 1970's after a game, devised by Mike Baker initially for his son was such a hit with his son and his friends that someone suggested he market it!


Mike designed and manufactured the game and advertised it in SHOOT!



Mike sold the game into the early eighties but a change in job took him to America and he sold the remaining copies to another company.


Fast forward nearly forty years and other than the odd copy popping up on Ebay, I wondered if anyone had tried to get the game updated and relaunched. Several online forums chatted about the game and in 2017 a project made some good progress towards updating it but never launched it due to other commitments the guy who was leading it had.


In May 2020 I managed to track down Mike Baker and contacted the guy who had most recently tried to revive the game. 


Following a successful project on Kickstarter in October 2020, the game was reborn and is now available again for purchase!




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